Men are like shoes

DSWSoon after I began dating, I was hunting for date shoes in my favorite shoe store, DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse). It is a cavernous store carrying thousands of varieties. One shoe per style and color sits atop a column of that style’s variously sized boxed shoes. As I slowly cruised each long aisle scrutinizing each style, I felt like a too-lonely bachelorette prowling a singles bar searching for Mr. Right. Then it hit me — there were many similarities to dating and shoes!

  • The pictures don’t always match what’s inside. At DSW, a picture of the shoe appears on the box front. However, sometimes the picture doesn’t match the style or color inside. Often a man’s online profile picture doesn’t match his 3-D self. Or his picture is of him in a tux, when he is much more comfortable in jeans. A mismatch of picture and the true man.
  • When shoe shopping I pass on 95% of the options. They just don’t fit my taste, so no sense even trying them on. In dating, I pass on 95% of the men who the dating services say I match. I just don’t find most of the profiles alluring enough to give them a try.
  • brown heelsFinding a great pair of shoes takes time, diligence and looking at dozens — if not sometimes hundreds — of pairs to find one that you love. The same with finding your life mate.
  • Sometimes I love a shoe, only to discover the store doesn’t have my size. Sometimes a man can have a great profile, but he’s not available.
  • red strappy sandalsI’m often drawn to shoe styles that are cute, hip or sexy, but they rarely fit well. In dating, while a man can seem fetching, I’m often disappointed that he isn’t a good fit. You may have to try on those cute, sexy, hip shoes (and men) to realize they really aren’t for you.
  • Sometimes a pair of shoes can seem perfect until I try it on. Then they pinch or hurt and I can’t stand to wear them. I return them to their box for someone else to try. Some men seem perfect on paper and/or the phone, but within the first encounter, I can see it’s not going to work. I return him to the dating pool for some other woman to try.
  • tiger pumpsWhen I find a pair of shoes that initially fits well, I wear them around the store (or shoe department) while continuing my shopping. More times than not, they begin hurting within 10 minutes. But if I hadn’t taken the time to test drive them thoroughly, I would have taken them home with only a 60-second trial. They would languish in my closet and I’d be unhappy I bought them. With men, if you don’t give them a thorough trial period and jump to commitment too quickly, you may find you’ve made a bad choice. You’ll be unhappy with yourself. You need to try out the relationship for a while before making a purchasing decision — I mean commitment!
  • frumpy shoesSome shoes make you feel frumpy and unattractive. While a man can’t make you feel anything, some treat you in a way that you feel sexy around him, while others ignore you and you can end up feeling unattractive. Don’t ever make any investment in shoes or a man who you don’t feel magnificent with.
  • You need some special-purpose shoes for hiking, running, dancing, golf, business, or formal wear. Youhiking boots have those shoes for specific purposes. If you’re multi-dating, you have different men for different events — one likes the opera while another loves country dancing; one cries with you at chick flicks and another accompanies you to a sporting event. So it can be useful to have several men for different outings.
  • I’m really looking for shoes I can wear comfortably, are versatile and appropriate for a variety of situations. Of course, I want a man who is all these things as well.
  • When I find a pair of shoes that I love, I wear them often and treat them well. I polish them and keep them in good repair. When I find a man I love, I work to keep him happy and the relationship humming.
  • Some shoes have good soles and some men have good souls. And some have/are obnoxious heels.

So enjoy your shoe/man hunt!

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5 Comments on “Men are like shoes”

  1. Jaime Says:

    I call my boy friend Jimmy Choo because I know that I want to love him and want to be with him for the rest of my life. But Jimmy Choo’s are expensive and you need to save up for them a little while before you can afford them. So for now I will admire them and adore them and dream of being with them forever. I will soon have enough money to afford the shoe’s and then they will be loved and cherished for the rest of my life.
    I loved this article, everything in the article was very true.

  2. Donjuan DeKuwait™ Says:

    Does shoes make a man?

  3. K Says:

    Not sure if you still check this but I LOVED this blog. I think you need to try on A LOT of shoes before you find a pair that fits. 😉

  4. No or yes. Are men really like shoes? What the dating goddess claims here is so abit hard to ascertain.

    Her views are good and interesting and I must say I found this post to be interesting.

    You see, men are different and one just needs to understand them. How do you understand men? it is a whole journey to understand men, which involves dating and relationship advice.

    We always enter relationships with alot of hopes. We all need knowledge about issues to do with relationships and and dating. That is why the advice on this website is so important and Informative. Thank you so much for this dating goddess.

    I will link this blog on my website so that my visitors can get to read what is here. Otherwise thanks so much for the post

  5. […] written about how dating is like Baskin-Robbins, house hunting, plant care and shopping, and men are like shoes. And I have a few more metaphors to […]

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