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I have now moved my blog to my own site For some of you this may be transparent, as I’ve had this URL redirected to the WordPress host for a long time. But in case you haven’t saved it as the above URL, please do so. Or better yet, subscribe via RSS or get each posting via email through the FeedBlitz link on the left.

In response to Elena’s question:

I’ve noticed that you’ve been posting less frequently. This isn’t a criticism, just an observation. Is the new relationship taking up more of your time or have you decided to reduce the frequency of posts? It’s incredible that you’ve been able to post daily for more than two years so if you’ve decided to ramp down, it would be totally understandable. Just curious.

My original purpose of blogging was to create the manuscript that is now in my literary agent’s hands and is being pitched to publishers. But I got a little carried away and continued daily postings for nearly 2 years! I now have enough content for several books. But I have decided to cut to about every other day so I would feel the pressure to “just write about anything.” While it worked for Seinfield to have a show about nothing, I want to offer you insightful or amusing content.

Also, since I’ve been traveling more — a week at Thanksgiving and I’ll be gone 5 days this week, plus I’ll be gone to India and Singapore for all of January. It’s harder to find time to write and sometimes to find an Internet connection. In January I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post — or have anything interesting to comment on. I may post some observations during my travels, and ask your tolerance that the postings may not be dating related. But who knows, maybe I’ll have a date or two while I’m gone!

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8 Comments on “Dating Goddess has moved”

  1. Fred Says:

    It would be good to hear about your travels. And those situations that confront a single woman in another culture would be relevant. Enjoy the journey.

  2. elyse Says:

    Thanks for continuing to post … your observations are always interesting and insightful – so even if it seems, while you’re traveling to foreign lands, that there’s not as much to comment on that is related so specifically to the topic of this site… it would be great to hear about it! Hope you enjoy your travels!!

  3. Lisa Delgado Says:

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  4. BK Says:

    Yes. I agree with Fred that it will be interesting to read about your travel adventure too. I will see you in Singapore; that’s where I am staying. Just kidding! Have a pleasant trip!

  5. darla Says:

    help!! i try to talk to him like i have talked to other men in previous relationships but it is just getting worse because now he is making me feel as i am nothing to him by telling me that i talk to much i feel that he should have joined my conversation long ago i am barely hanging on i am so hurt he totally hates to talk about anything that is emotional i just want a little support i feel as if i am in this all alone i only want him i have had lots of opportunity to cheat but haven’t i wish he knew what he was doing to me and i feel that if it was the other way around he would except offers from other woman especially with the way i must come across to him.if he really new that i am just hanging on to the threads i have left i am afraid to move on because i do love him and it would be to late for us if i cheated i could never be with him again i have in the past gone through the same situation before and left this was my husband then he finally realized what happened and wanted to get back together but i was done trying i don’t want the same i sit and cry alone a lot i am seeing the same here that was with my marriage i don’t want the same out come

  6. Greger Says:

    Heading over to your “new” home.

  7. Why do women cheat, eh, well its usually because they aren’t getting all they want at home, and whilst for blokes this focuses mainly on sex, for women its far deeper than that.

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