Faux beaus and practice dating

When I first began dating, I was advised to go out with nearly anyone who asked, just to practice. Since I didn't want to take advantage of anyone, I kept these practice dates to coffee. These dates helped me shore up my confidence and hone my skills at talking with men I just met about relationships and other things that one doesn't usually bring up on first meetings.

I'm not proud to admit it, but I even had a faux beau. This was a gentleman who treated me well, and liked my company, and mostly I liked his. But I knew it was not a long-term match. I called him my faux beau because he called me every day, we went out several times a week, and I was fond of him yet I knew we were not a match.

When my conscience convinced me it was not fair to him to keep seeing him, as he would not find his true love while dating me, I let him know. He still wanted to see me, but I knew he wouldn't date anyone else if I acquiesced. I told him to date other people and we could do things together occasionally as friends, which we do now.

So if you haven't dated a lot, consider practice dates, but be considerate. Plan for short-time, low-cost activities. Always be pleasant even though you know it isn't a match. And who knows, a practice date might turn into your soul mate!

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